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Walking On My Own.

It’s been about a month since I started walking without any physical support such as
clutches or a cane. I still limp heavily. Climbing up stairs or just 15 minute-walk had
never been so tough until I got this disfigured right leg.
Two good things have come out of it, though. A, I found that it is a blessing to be able
to use both of my hands while standing. B, how grateful it is to have a devoted, loveable and considerate wife who thinks of me anytime and doesn’t mind at all to go out of her
way to help me. I owe my wife quite a lot.


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You two are brave enough to fight against fate.

"Ask, and it shall be given you;
Seek, and ye shall find; knock,
and it shall be opened unto you."

I would like to believe in this.

I don't know the right meaning of
this. but somehow I like this.

投稿: Ryo | 2007年6月25日 (月) 23時04分


Thank you for your comment.

投稿: yoda | 2007年6月26日 (火) 21時08分


I just read your blog. It is wonderful! I think you truly capture the downs and ups of your accident and its after-effects. I hope you continue to write more! I look forward to reading it in the future as well!


投稿: Julie | 2007年6月27日 (水) 08時14分


It is good to read your blog! I agree with Julie--each of the sections of your blog address a different aspect of your accident: from pain, anger and resentment, to understanding, recovery and hope! I can see that writing your thoughts has been a constructive way to deal with the effects of the accident on your life. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


投稿: Matt | 2007年6月27日 (水) 08時28分

Way to go, Yoda-san.
I am also looking forward to reading your blog.

投稿: imai | 2007年6月27日 (水) 23時56分

thank you, Julie, Matt and Imai-san! i sometimes think i get unsound mind when i think about the accident. When i talk or exchange email with you friends, i feel i can see myself from an objective stand point.

投稿: yoda | 2007年6月28日 (木) 22時07分





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