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Christmas went miserably. New Year holidays went miserably. And so will Golden Week. I will probably be discharged from the hospital someday after Golden Week. I didn’t expect my stay at the hospital would last this long.

“Walk just a few steps,” said the doctor. It was the first time I tried to walk without crutches. Although I’ve had to use them whenever I move for four months, I thought I would be able to walk quite easily without them, if only I’m allowed to do so. I moved my right leg forward, and found I could not put my weight on it. I was afraid of the prospect of braking my leg if I stood on it. Walking had never been so scary until that time.   


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I am so glad to hear that you will be discharged from the hospital after GW. Please take care of and enjoy yourseld. Take it easy です。

投稿: imai | 2007年4月23日 (月) 15時17分

Thank you for your encouraging words. i think i should be more positive.

投稿: 依田 | 2007年4月23日 (月) 21時49分

Yoda, you shall overcome.
In english, yoda reminds me a jedi master.
May the force be with your right leg.

Please forgive me with my poor metaphor.

投稿: Ryo | 2007年4月25日 (水) 23時56分

Some people in the US actually called me “Yoda”. i enjoyed it. i wish I could see you and exercise with you while you are in Matsumoto!

投稿: Yoda | 2007年4月26日 (木) 22時56分

Hi Yoda. This is Ryo.

Sorry. I've come back to my home town on the last day of April.

On 28, I could have met with other Tetsujin-kai members at shiojiri. They were on the way to hakuba.

By the way, I also write english diaries in Mixi.
Do you know Mixi? That is relatively closed web-site.

If you don't mind, please let me invite you to that web.
Or If you have already joined that,
let me know how I can reach yours.

Another by the way, Home town is realy good. I love this town.

投稿: Ryo | 2007年5月 2日 (水) 08時55分

thank you for inviting me to join mixi. yes, i would realy like to join it. Could you tell me how to join it?

投稿: Yoda | 2007年5月 3日 (木) 21時27分

Hi, Yoda.

I've invited you to the Mixi today.
you'll get an invitaiton e-mail in your nifty address.
Please take a look around Mixi world.

投稿: Ryo | 2007年5月 4日 (金) 12時16分





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